Cub Scout Uniform Standards

The Class A Cub Scout uniform should be worn to den meetings, pack meetings, and most pack outings/events.  The standard uniform changes as your son grows and advances in scouting. The Class A uniform can be purchased from the Dan Beard Scout shop or from  All three Lebanon Cub Scout packs utilize the Class A uniform from the belt up but do not require the socks or trousers.

The blue uniform shirt is worn from Tiger thru Bear ranks (1st - 3rd grades). It is recommended that you buy the shirt a little large so you can get three years of use from it. Likewise, the khaki Webelos shirt carries your scout into Boy Scouts, so you will save your wallet if you purchase it a little big.

Class B t-shirts are worn to more informal events or when the Class A is not appropriate or could become damaged.  All three Lebanon Cub Scout packs use Class B t-shirts. The t-shirts are available thru your Cub Scout pack. If you are interested in a Class B t-shirt, contact your pack leadership.

Tiger Scouts (1st graders) wear the blue cub scout uniform shirt, orange Tiger hat, orange Tiger neckerchief, Tiger slide, and Tiger belt.

Wolf Scouts (2nd graders) wear the blue cub scout uniform shirt, yellow Wolf hat, yellow Wolf neckerchief, Wolf slide, and the Wolf belt.

Bear Scouts (3rd graders) wear the blue cub scout uniform shirt, blue Bear hat, blue Bear neckerchief, Bear slide, and the Bear belt.

Webelos Scouts (4th and 5th graders) wear the tan/khaki uniform shirt, plaid Webelos hat, plaid Webelos neckerchief, blue shoulder loops, Webelos slide, and Webelos belt.

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Lions (Kindergartners) wear a blue t-shirt emblazed with the Lion Cub insignia.  Lions do not wear the blue cub scout shirt but can wear a lion neckerchief and hat.