Activities - While all the packs host Pinewood Derbies and Blue and Gold celebrations and employ the BSA Cub Scout program, they vary in focus and culture.  For instance, a pack may be heavily focused on camping and other outdoor activities. Another may focus more on field trips and outings.  Yet another may be more faith-based.  It is important to choose the pack that offers activities that interest your child and a culture that fits your family.

Meeting Nights - Each pack has chosen one night each month when they hold their pack meetings. Den meetings nights/times can vary within the pack.  It is important to know when these pack meetings are held and if you are joining an already established den when the den meetings are held.  If a pack or den meets on a night when you are consistently otherwise committed, you will want to consider another pack. Missing a meeting here or there or is no big deal, but your family cannot truly enjoy what scouting has to offer if you consistently can't make it to the meetings due to other commitments.

Friends - Does your child have friends who are Cub Scouts?  He/she will enjoy scouting much more when doing the activities with friends and buddies. Ask the parents of you child's friends which pack they joined. Also ask them what they like and dislike about their pack. This will give you some insight when choosing the right pack for your family.

Points to Consider When Choosing A Pack

In Lebanon we are fortunate to have a number of good, strong Cub Scout Packs to serve the youth of our community.  The packs charge the same dues, employ the same uniform standards, and do many of the same activities. Each pack employs the BSA Cub Scouting program and uses the same handbooks.  So how do you choose?

Though the packs have many similarities, their focus and culture vary somewhat.  Each pack welcomes your specific questions and invites you to attend a pack meeting to experience their culture first hand.  Apart from making a visit or contacting each pack, here are a few points you may want to consider when choosing the right pack for your family.